The Solace Found in Books

If ever there was a time to remind ourselves of the comfort to be found in books – this certainly seems like one. Books can and do help build a bridge towards understanding, acceptance and compassion. Books can raise awareness and point direction. They can provide reassurance in tumultuous times and inspire us to seek answers. We have in our hands the opportunity to learn from the masters and walk alongside explorers. To see through the eyes of someone in pain and grasp the fragments of daylight that bring them hope. Biographies are a perfect genre to start on your journey. Whether you are looking to discover new dimensions or just make it through the night, reading about the path traveled by another human offers a way to meet your needs. We have selected a stellar collection of biographies and autobiographies and are always happy to recommend new ones. Take a look at just a few of our current titles. Here’s to making 2021 a year of learning, healing and new beginnings!