Who doesn’t love a great bookstore? A cozy, welcoming place with a unique energy that keeps you coming back for more. No rush and no pretense. Friendly folk, quiet corners and a casual vibe.

Welcome to Seaport Books. A tiny bookstore with a big heart and a mighty purpose. We sell the best in new titles and sponsor community events that connect readers from all over.  Recently a customer came in on a scooter through our accessible door. She bought four books and thanked us for being open 7 days week. Then she called us “The Little Bookshop that Could.” We agreed and added, “We could. We can. We will. We Are! Thanks to you!”

Books have the power to change lives. One single passage can be the catalyst for transformation or provide guiding words for an incredible journey. A book can provide comic relief during a difficult transition or comfort at a time of loss. And very often a book acts as the proverbial port in a storm.

Seaport Books specializes in topics of interest about the Pacific Northwest. Its legends, its beauty and its adventures await your discovery. Come visit us soon!

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ORDER ONLINE – We are an active partner of bookshop.org, a website to support Indie bookstores which enables customers to order books online and give a percentage to us. Distributors ship the books directly to you. This gives us an online presence which will be handy for those living outside of our area or those who prefer to order online. You’ll find us here. Thank you, as always, for your continued support!

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