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Who doesn’t love a great bookstore? A cozy, welcoming place with a unique energy that keeps you coming back for more. No rush and no pretense. Friendly folk, quiet corners and a casual vibe. And, of course, an attractive array of works by incredibly talented authors and artists.

Welcome to Seaport Books. A tiny bookstore with a big heart and a mighty purpose. We sell the best in new titles and offer a unique selection of regional art, confectionery and gifts. In addition, we strive to be a community hub. A place to inspire diverse conversation. A venue for enriching workshops and interesting events that broaden the mind and engage the funny bone. A vehicle for connection – much like a good book.

Books have the power to change lives. One single passage can be the catalyst for transformation or provide guiding words for an incredible journey. A book can provide comic relief during a difficult transition or comfort at a time of loss. And very often a book acts as the proverbial port in a storm.

Seaport Books specializes in topics of interest about the Pacific Northwest. Its legends, its beauty and its adventures await your discovery. Come visit us soon!

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