Why We Do What We Do

“A couple of weeks ago my husband and I came into your beautiful shop looking for books for our granddaughter. You recommended Alan Bradley, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. It was a huge hit! Thanks so much for the recommendation. (Now she wants the entire series.) Just thought you’d like to know you make a real difference! Please tell your staff how much their services are appreciated.”

That light that comes on in a child’s eyes keeps us getting up and opening the bookstore every day! We so love to hear that what we do makes a difference . . . for readers of all ages. It’s how we connect and build community. It’s how we keep relating to each other in turbulent seas. It is that book on the shelf that brings us hope and renewed spirit in big and small ways. Thank you to all our customers near and far. We’re here because of you and for you. Here’s to happy reading!